Yom Rivii, 23 Tammuz 5780
Wednesday, 15 July 2020
Zionism & Israel

by The Rabbinic Conference of Liberal Judaism

We recognise the unique role which the Land of Israel has played in the history, prayers and hopes of our people through the ages. We also acknowledge that the discrimination and persecution, culminating in the Shoah (Holocaust), which have so often been the lot of our people during the centuries of this dispersion, have made the reestablishment of an autonomous Jewish community in our ancient homeland a matter of absolute necessity.  We therefore salute the Pioneers of Zionism and the founders and defenders of the State of Israel whose vision and courage have turned that dream into reality.We reaffirm our love for the Land of Israel, our solidarity with our brothers and sisters who dwell within its borders, and our commitment to the State of Israel. We rejoice in its existence, delight in its future, and hope for the ever fuller realisation of the ideals of justice and equality for all its citizens set forth in its Declaration of Independence, so that it may become more and more a force for good in the life of the Jewish people, of the Middle East region and of humanit

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