Yom Rishon, 23 AdarI 5781
Sunday, 7 March 2021
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We don’t dictate what you should read or think but we’re happy to suggest a list of books that Jews and their friends might want to turn to in order to explore and discover what Judaism means to them. Many of the titles below are available directly from us and you can order them from our shop.


Affirmations of Liberal Judaism
Liberal Jewish Values: Liberal Judaism in Practice
Aspects of Liberal Jewish Thought
Rabbi Dr. David Goldberg, Rabbi John D. Rayner, Rabbi Dr Charles Middleburgh
Rabbi John D. Rayner
Principles of Jewish Ethics
Rabbi John D. Rayner
Compelling Commitments
Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah
Liberal Judaism: A Judaism for the Twenty-First Century
Rabbi Pete Tobias
Liberal Judaism: The First Hundred Years
Rabbi Lawrence Rigal and Rosita Rosenberg
Guide to Jewish Marriage
Rabbi John D. Rayner
Judaism: A Manual for Jewish & Non Jewish Students
Rabbi Bernard Hooker
Shiru LJY-Netzer Songbook
The Progressive Taste Cookbook
Penny Beral
An Understanding of Judaism
Rabbi John D. Rayner
A Jewish Understanding of the World
Rabbi John D. Rayner
A Reader of Early Judaism
Edward Kessler
Aspects of Liberal Judaism
Rabbi Dr. David J. Goldberg and Edward Kessler
Signposts to the Messianic Age
Rabbi John D. Rayner
An English Jew
Edward Kessler
The Jewish People
Rabbi Dr. David Goldberg and Rabbi John D. Rayner
The Illuminated Haggadah
Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire
Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire
Hear Our Voice
Rabbi Sybil Sheridan
My Secret Camera - Life of Lodz Ghetto
Frank Dabba Smith
On Being Jewish
Julia Neuberger
The Sacred Writings
Rabbi Bernard Hooker
Taking Up the Timbrel
Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild & Rabbi Sybil Sheridan
From Belsen to Buckingham Palace
Paul Oppenheimer
The Jews of Britain
Pamela Fletcher Jones
The People's Bible
Rabbi Sidney Brichto
The Jewish Prophet
Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire
Growing Into Your Soul
Rabbi Larry Tabick
Siddur Lev Chadash
Birkat Ha-Mazon Thanksgiving after meals
Seder Kiddushin V'Nissuin The Marriage Service
Covenant of Love
Seder Tefillot B'vet Evel Prayers at a House of Mourning
Tzidduk Ha-Din Funeral Service
Machzor Ruach Chadashah
Siddur L'Dor Vador
Siddur L'Dor Vador Exercise Book
Haggadah Shel Pesach Passover Haggadah
Haggadah B'chol Dor Va-Dor Haggadah for all generations
Nevermind the Bullocks Bnei Mitzvah Textbook
Rabbi Pete Tobias
Siddur Lil'mod V'la'asot The LJY-Netzer Prayerbook

A recommended reading list for proselytes (prospective converts to Judaism) is available by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .