Yom Rishon, 16 AdarI 5781
Sunday, 28 February 2021
Succot & Simchat Torah 2012

Succot & Simchat Torah by Rabbi Sandra Kviat
5th October 2012

A Sukkot cushion

‘Three times a year you shall hold a festival for Me... [the third one is called] the Feast of Ingathering at the end of the year, when you gather in the results of your work from the field’ (Exodus 23.26).

Sukkot is symbolised in the makeshift shacks we put up in front of our homes, but perhaps another fitting symbol would be a comforting cushion.··Glad to have gone through the demanding Days of Awe, we are also somewhat bruised and battered after all the intense introspection and realisation of guilt. We need a comforting cushion for our self-image to rest and revive on. And so the plentiful harvest of Sukkot comes to balance out the purging power of Yom Kippur. It comes along and asks us to gather in the harvest of our physical work, beginning the year with the rewards of the previous one. By enjoying the fruits of our labour at the beginning of a new year and not at the end, as we might have expected, we are reminded of the good we have done and can do in the year ahead.