Yom Shabbat, 15 AdarI 5781
Shushan Purim Saturday, 27 February 2021

To help you you prepare for Pesach, Liberal Judaism has put together some information sheets that you can view online as well as download.

To give you a little background on the festival itself and how to get ready the Seder, click here


LJY-Netzer has put together some 'alternative questions' to get you thinking from a different perspective this Pesach. To find out more , click here


On the Seder plate we have six or seven symbolic foods. The symbolism of these foods is explained in the Haggadah but for a bit of a summary, click here

Looking for some simple-ish Pesach recipes? Click here for some great ideas to get you started

haggadah cover


Haggadah b'chol dor va-dor
The new Liberal Judaism Haggadah offers several options for conducting a Seder, both at home or in a communal setting. There are all the traditional elements of the service, and the opportunity to supplement these with additional study passages, poems, songs and readings. For families with younger children, a shorter, child-centred version of the Seder can be found at the other end of the Haggadah, ensuring that this new book will fulfil the biblical requirement to transmit the story of Pesach from generation to generation. To order your copy, click here

If you would like some information on the transliteration scheme used in the Haggadah, please click here

To read the notes that accompany the·Haggadah b'chol dor va-dor, click here

Finally, for an alternative approach to reading the Haggadah b'chol dor va-dor, click here


Together with Tzedek and Rene Cassin, JCORE has produced a supplement to the Haggadah that looks at contemporary examples of oppression and the struggle for freedom.

You can download it here or visit www.jcore.org.uk for more information.