Yom Rivii, 12 AdarI 5781
Wednesday, 24 February 2021
Rabbis in Succot initiative to settle refugees in the UK

The JC
7th October 2014

Rabbis, bishops and imams are joining together on Succot to call on British local authorities to provide shelter to refugees living in warzones.

Citizens UK – a community campaigning group – is working with faith leaders on their “Season of sanctuary” project, which aims to persuade 15 councils to house refugees currently living in UN refugee camps in countries such as Iraq and Syria.

They hope to offer sanctuary to 50 more people every year.

Over Succot – a festival when Jews remember the time when they were refugees wandering in the desert - events will be held in synagogues and succahs in the boroughs of Lambeth and Redbridge, in London, to campaign for councillors to sign up to the scheme.

South London Liberal Synagogue is building a succah in Brixton, in Lambeth. Rabbi Janet Darley will be joined by two church representatives to speak on the borough’s long history of migration, and will ask local councellor Saleha Jaffer to find home for 15 families from UN refugee camps.

In Bet Tikvah Synagogue’s succah, in Redbridge, Liberal Judaism’s national executive director Rabbi Danny Rich will lead a talk in front of leader of councellor Jas Athwal, along with Bet Tikvah rabbi David Hulbert, Father Brian McGrath of Saint Thomas of Canterbury Church and a group of young Eritrean refugees.

Rabbi Danny Rich said: “United, we are offering our support to these councils as we ask them to do the right thing and help a small number of people who are in the most desperate of situations through no fault of their own. Together we promise to aid and welcome the refugees.  Read more