Yom Rivii, 19 AdarI 5781
Wednesday, 3 March 2021
A pledge to help refugees

Liberal Judaism Chief Executive Rabbi Danny Rich joined other community leaders at the Citizens UK Civil Society Summit to announce a Sanctuary Manifesto.

dannycitizensrefugeesSpeaking at the event, Danny pledged to support a call for the resettlement of more refugees, particularly from Syria, in solidarity with Nebal Istanbouly, a refugee from Syria who also spoke at the summit.

Danny was joined at the lectern by Canon Steven Saxby and Sahar al-Faifi, from the Muslim Council of Wales. Sam Gyimah, MP for East Surrey and Children's Minister, also addressed the Summit.

Danny said: "Nebal, we will stand with you. We in the Jewish community know the perils and indifference that people face in trying to find sanctuary.

"What will we do? We will act to help more Syrian refugees who cannot return home to be resettled in the UK. And we will also pledge to support them when they get here.

"We need to approach local councils up and down the country and ask them to pledge to accommodate 750 additional refugee families. Jews will be using the festival of Succot in October - when we build temporary shelters - as a hook for this campaign.  Perhaps Muslims could focus their efforts during Eid al Adha, and Christians at Christmas.

"Alone we are weak, but Christians, Muslims, Jews and people of no faith standing together would be unstoppable."