Yom Chamishi, 13 AdarI 5781
Ta anith Esther Thursday, 25 February 2021
If you don't, who will?

As we move towards Shabbat Shekalim, when we read the portion from Shemot about how the community needs to contribute towards the upkeep of the Mishkan, it is time to think about how we maintain the vibrancy of our own community. This year, Liberal Judaism is supporting Jewish Legacy, a cross communal initiative made up of 46 of the leading Jewish charities, which has been set up to help make members of the Jewish community aware that leaving a gift in their Will is vitally important. Leaving a legacy is a powerful way to make sure that our community is still going strong for future generations.

You can contribute towards the future health of Liberal Judaism, or indeed any other charity, by making or amending your will with the aid of a solicitor.  To find out more about Jewish Legacy, please visit: http://www.jewishlegacy.org.uk/