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Communal leaders join Israel's global debate on diaspora

The JC
February 14th 2014

Israel must be more open, must value voices of dissent and promote minority rights, according to Liberal Jews in Britain.

They also argued that diaspora communities should provide greater financial investments in Israel’s non-Jewish communities.

The comments from the Liberal Judaism movement were made in response to an Israeli government consultation on the country’s relationship with the diaspora.

The consultation is aimed at providing recommendations to Israel’s Justice Minister Tzipi Livni.

She is overseeing the Knesset’s work to define more clearly the country’s Jewish and democratic credentials.

Mrs Livni has asked global Jewry to discuss four key points, relating to Israel’s core Jewish values, its democratic values, whether the country can ever prioritise one over the other, and whether there should be an “explicit expression of the special relationship” between Israel and the diaspora.

She is considering introducing legislation relating to Israel’s joint Jewish-democratic character. The Jewish People Policy Institute — an independent think-tank which tackles issues of key concern to global Jewry — is co-ordinating the global response.

In what it called an “uncompromising” statement, Liberal Judaism said Israel must “promote equality, act morally and ethically and commit to social action. Read more.