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Race to hold first same-sex wedding is on

December 12th 2013
The JC

Liberal and Reform synagogues are lining up to hold the first same-sex Jewish wedding ceremony.

The government announced on Tuesday that, under new legislation, same-sex marriage services would take place in England and Wales from March 29, rather than from the summer as had been expected.

As the news was released, Liberal Judaism snapped into action, calling for couples intending to marry to get in touch.

An email, headed “Liberal Judaism begins search for first same sex Jewish marriage couple”, was dispatched, hot on the heels of the government’s announcement.

Sent by the movement’s spokesperson Alexandra Ben-Yehuda, it requested: “If you’re in a loving and committed same-sex Jewish couple and would like to tie the knot under our chupah, please contact alexandra@liberal Judaism.org.

She later told the JC: “We would be absolutely delighted if a suitable couple came forward.” Read more