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Friday, 5 March 2021
Liberal Judaism looks forward to hosting same-sex marriages under new law

17th July 2013

Liberal Judaism, which – along with the Quakers and the Unitarian Church - has led the Parliamentary battle for same-sex marriage rights, has welcomed the Equal Marriage bill’s final passage through the Lords and Commons this week.

The bill – which was approved by MPs yesterday - is now certain to become law, probably by the end of the week, when it is approved by the Queen.

Commenting ahead of the bill becoming law, Rabbi Danny Rich, Chief Executive of Liberal Judaism – which speaks on behalf of around forty synagogues across the UK – said:

“MPs and Peers are to be congratulated for putting equality before prejudice and recognising that the whole of society benefits when we value stable, loving relationships.

“The real risk, were this legislation to have failed, was that religious institutions and rituals would have been terminally associated with upholding out-dated models of society making faith less and less relevant to modern lives.

This week’s decision has ensured that this will not be the case, and Liberal Jewish synagogues look forward to hosting our first full same-sex marriage under the law, in due course,” Rabbi Rich concluded.