Yom Rivii, 19 AdarI 5781
Wednesday, 3 March 2021
First Mixed Faith Jewish Burials to be Allowed in Wessex

May 14 2013

30 people from Wessex Liberal Jewish Community attended the consecration of the community’s new cemetery space in Kinson, Bournemouth, on Sunday 12th May. The plots are the first in Wessex ever to permit non-Jews to be buried alongside their Jewish partners. The cemetery provision was secured thanks to a unique partnership between Liberal Judaism and a local council.

Liberal Judaism’s chief executive, Rabbi Danny Rich, who officiated at the consecration, said: “After a Torah scroll and perhaps a rabbi, the next step that any Jewish community needs to take is to obtain a cemetery and it is a sign of the growing maturity and permanence of the Wessex Liberal Jewish Community that it can now offer its members and their partners a burial facility in accord with Liberal Jewish principles and practices”