Yom Rishon, 16 AdarI 5781
Sunday, 28 February 2021
LJY-Netzer Seder at Ravenswood

LJY-Netzer, the youth movement of Liberal Judaism, ran its second Pesach seder at Ravenswood on 31st March. Over 80 residents – adults with learning difficulties – were treated to an interactive reading of the Exodus story, along with art and music and other activities. The LJY-Netzer troupe, armed with guitars, were joined by representatives from the youth movements RSY-Netzer and Noam. The young volunteers made sure that even the least mobile of the residents could benefit from the seder, by visiting those who were unable to come to the communal onsite cafe where the main seder was held.

The seder’s organiser, LJY-Netzer’s Sam Cohen, used what he learnt while volunteering for three months at Aley Negev – a residential village in Israel similar to Ravenswood – as part of LJY-Netzer’s ‘Shnat’ gap year programme in Israel. He said:

“No one should miss out on participating in and enjoying a meaningful seder. There is always a way to make the Pesach story come alive for everyone, whatever their particular needs. LJY-Netzer was delighted to be able to provide this for the wonderful, enthusiastic residents of Ravenswood and we hope to do the same next year.”