Yom Shishi, 14 AdarI 5781
Purim Friday, 26 February 2021
UK rabbis unite to challenge global poverty

The JC
April 12 2013

UK rabbis from across the community have joined together in signing a petition to alleviate global poverty and malnutrition.

A letter, recently published in the Financial Times, backing the Millennium Development Goals campaign to target extreme poverty, included signatories from the Liberal, Reform and strictly Orthodox movements.

They included Rabbi Dr Tony Bayfield and Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner from the Movement for Reform Judaism; Rabbi Natan Levy from the Board of Deputies, Rabbi Danny Rich, the chief executive of Liberal Judaism; Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, the senior rabbi of the Masorti Movement and Rabbi Avraham Pinter, a leading Charedi Rabbi.

The letter was published to coincide with the start of a 1000-day countdown to achieve the MDG goals by 2015.