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Tuesday, 2 March 2021
Zionist turns on Zionist in 'anti-Israel' attack

The JC
28 February 2013

The Zionist Federation has refused to accept grassroots advocacy group Yachad as an affiliate member after claiming the organisation's day-to-day activities do not support Zionism - despite ZF chairman Paul Charney admitting in an email to Yachad that there were "no grounds" for vetoing its application.

Yachad had taken part in a 10-month-long process to join the ZF, which operates as an umbrella group for British Zionists and represents more than 120 other organisations.

ZF affiliate member organisations voted on Monday to reject the application. Mr Charney told Yachad director Hannah Weisfeld that "it simply went to vote, and the vote went against you".

Mr Charney later said that the ZF's affiliate members were concerned about Yachad's positions on settlement expansion and the boycott of products from Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Groups wishing to join the ZF must be Zionist, "not just in theory, but in practice, day-to-day", he said. "Yachad's message on boycotting West Bank goods is not clear enough. People felt that was an issue. They are very unclear."

Yachad is explicit in its statements that it does not support the boycott of any Israeli products. It says in tandem that it opposes further investment in the West Bank.

Rabbi Danny Rich, chief executive of Liberal Judaism and a ZF patron, said: "I'm surprised in one sense since Yachad is a respectable Zionist organisation and I can see no reason why it would not be suitable for membership. But bearing in mind the campaign there was to remove me as a trustee of the ZF, nothing the organisation does any longer surprises me." Read more