Yom Chamishi, 20 AdarI 5781
Thursday, 4 March 2021
Join the bone marrow register

Liberal Judaism is urging all its members to join the Anthony Nolan stem cell register or give blood in order to help save lives.

The cause has been highlighted in the Jewish community this week after the launch of the #Spit4Mum Twitter campaign looking for bone marrow donors to help Sharon Berger.

Sharon’s son Jonni sent a moving email to different parts of the community, including Liberal Judaism, urging everyone to help.

He wrote: “I need your help for my mum and others like her in need of a bone marrow transplant. Anything you can do will really be appreciated.

“My mum has this week started chemotherapy treatment for a leukaemia condition in order to prepare her body for a bone marrow transplant in 6 weeks’ time, although all international registries are being searched, unfortunately we do not currently have a match, it really is a race against time.

“Hopefully through the power of our own networks the numbers of people on the register will be able to be increased quickly and help the many people in the world in need of an urgent transplant be it my mum Sharon, someone else's mum, mother-in-law, aunt, daughter, grandmother, wife, relative, friend or even a stranger.”

There are many things you can do to help, including:

If you are 16-30 and not on the Anthony Nolan stem cell register, consider requesting a spit kit in order to send a sample of saliva in the post - it only takes a few minutes to do. More details can be found at http://is.gd/Spit4Mum

If you are 31-50 and able to give blood, please consider going to a blood donor centre or a local donor session and asking to have your stem cells screened at the same time. More details can be found at http://is.gd/Donate4Mum

If you are already on the register then please make sure your details are up to date, if you can't be found, you can't be a lifesaver. Find out more from http://is.gd/Update4Mum

If you are expecting a baby then consider donating your cord blood at birth. There is more information at http://www.nhsbt.nhs.uk/cordblood/

If you’re not in these age ranges then you can still help by forwarding this information on to as many people as you can, be they family members, friends, colleagues or clients. You can get more information via http://is.gd/Spit4Mum