Yom Rishon, 16 AdarI 5781
Sunday, 28 February 2021
A special celebration in Weymouth

19th December 2012

Liberal Rabbis Anna Gerrard and Pete Tobias were privileged to lead Chanukkah celebrations in Weymouth this year.

More than 20 people shared prayers, stories, memories, latkes and doughnuts at the home of Lord Morris Mendoza.

The service included two poetic renditions of the Chanukkah story by Rabbis Anna and Pete and concluded with joyful singing that led one 12-year-old participant to comment that it had been "the most enjoyable party" he'd ever experienced.

Rabbi Anna, who is outreach director for Liberal Judaism, said: "We are so appreciate of Lord Mendoza for enthusiastically gathering up the Jews of Weymouth and surrounding area.

"It was incredible to light Chanukkah candles with people who hadn't celebrated the festival for 20 years - since they had moved away from more Jewish areas - and were moved to tears by the opportunity to reconnect with their heritage."

Liberal Judaism is planning more visits to Weymouth in 2013, as Lord Mendoza and others seek to revive the Jewish community there.