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LJ playwright wins rave reviews

25 February 2016

Liberal Judaism’s Aaron Abraham has wowed theatre critics with his new play Run.

Aaron – who works in a communications role for the movement and writes under the name of Stephen Laughton – won rave reviews for his latest work, which was part of the Vault Festival in February.

It tells the story of Yonni (Tom Ross-Williams), a gay orthodox Jewish teenager, who is exploring feelings of angst and rebellion.

The Jewish News gave the play five stars, with critic Fiona Leckerman writing: “Run is a feat of astounding brilliance, it is visceral, engaging and deeply emotional.

“Yonni’s experience of love is relatable, relevant and tackles the zeitgeist of social media with humour. Laughton is a superb writer and coupled with Ross-Williams disarming performance Run is a triumph, so much so it thoroughly deserves a better venue and a wider audience.”

The Grumpy Gay Critic website was another to give a five star review, calling Run “a piece of deep emotional and cosmic brilliance”.

The site’s James Waygood concluded: “Run is an intoxicating sprint from start to finish. Ecstatic new writing, deep production, and an out of this world performance will leave you grasping through your tears.”

William Howard of Exeunt also enthused about the production, describing it as “artful, honest and deeply romantic”.

He continued: “Run speaks eloquently, affectingly and at times agonisingly about love and loss in a way that everyone can relate to… It’s vital viewing.”

LGBTQ Arts gave the play four stars and described it as “a phenomenal piece of writing and performance”.

For more information on Run, go to http://run-theplay.net

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