Yom Rivii, 19 AdarI 5781
Wednesday, 3 March 2021
Liberal Judaism Welcomes Report on Religion and Belief in Public Life

7th December 2015

Today’s report from the Commission on Religion and Belief in Public Life, recognising the growing diversity of religious and non-religious belief in Britain, has been welcomed by Liberal Judaism as a “significant step forward”.

Commenting on its recommendations, Rabbi Danny Rich, the chief executive and senior rabbi of Liberal Judaism, said: “Liberal Judaism’s mission is to ensure that Jewish values and beliefs and those of the modern society in which we live are aligned.

“We believe that if we fail to recognise the diverse nature of our society in our civic institutions, our national events, our legal system, schools and media, we risk alienating large sections of our community who will see themselves as ‘the other’.

“This in turn leads to them feeling excluded not just from the rights of British citizens, but also the obligations and standards of behaviour which go with being a full partner in British society.  This is a huge a growing threat to us all.

“This report is therefore a significant forward step and in particular we welcome its willingness to confront the inequalities which can arise when religious tribunals such as Batei Din failure to acknowledge the rights of women or compile with British standards of justice.”

The Commission on Religion and Belief in Public Life is convened by the Woolf Institute.