Yom Shishi, 14 AdarI 5781
Purim Friday, 26 February 2021
United, we can protect our young people from extremists

The Guardian
8th July 2015

We represent charities, civil society organisations and safeguarding groups from across the UK. We speak for the many religions, faiths, ethnicities, denominations, colours and creeds that make up modern Britain. And we each in our own way find ourselves on the front line of the battle against all extremists, who sow hate and prey on young people to encourage them to harm themselves, their families and the fabric of the communities in which they live. We work every day to protect young people at risk from radicalisation, but it is a daily battle and one that demands a coordinated and concerted response.

Today – with one voice – we launch our collective fightback against those who wish to do us harm. We reach across the boundaries of our backgrounds to come together in unity with one aim in mind – to protect our communities, our families, our young people and our way of life. United, we declare that we reject the lies extremists spread and that we refuse to allow them to groom our young people and destroy our families and communities. We pledge to work together to defeat their poisonous ideology: by sharing our knowledge of how extremists seek to exploit young and vulnerable people, and our experiences of what works in response; by coming together to meet regularly, and to agree a coordinated effort to protect and empower members of the communities in which we live; by saying simply and clearly with one voice – enough is enough.

We invite everyone who loves life – whether non-government, government, voluntary or private sector – to join us in shaping these solutions (seehttp://fightbackstartshere.com). We face a common and determined enemy. We must offer a common and determined response.

Signed by Rabbi Danny Rich and other faith and community leaders.  To see the full list, please click here.