Yom Rishon, 16 AdarI 5781
Sunday, 28 February 2021
Liberal Jew elected as Board of Deputies’ treasurer

bofd_officersStuart Macdonald, a member of The Liberal Jewish Synagogue, has been elected as treasurer of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Stuart’s election victory means he joins new president Jonathan Arkush and vice presidents Richard Verber, Sheila Gewolb and Marie Van Der Zyl as the Board’s officers. The new team are pictured above, alongside Board chief of executive Gillian Merron.

Stuart was also re-elected as one of Liberal Judaism’s two Deputies to the Board, alongside LJY-Netzer movement worker and Kingston Liberal Synagogue member Gabriel Webber.

Stuart said: “The Board of Deputies is the primary public voice of the Jewish community in Britain. Its activities encompass areas as diverse as interfaith work, the defence of practice against outside interference, defence of the community against antisemitism, opposition (from a standpoint that supports a two state solution) to the campaign to delegitimise Israel by boycott and other means, the promotion of women and support for smaller communities.

“The voluntary Board of Deputies communal levy that appears on our annual synagogue subscriptions is not paid by all Liberal congregants.‎ Equally,‎ not every Liberal synagogue takes up its full rights to send representatives, or Deputies along. If we want to have appropriate influence within the Board, it is essential that both of these shortfalls should be corrected.”

He added: “My job as treasurer is to manage the Board's finances effectively at a challenging time for the community. I can only encourage you again: as individuals, make that voluntary communal levy contribution; as synagogues, send your full quota of representatives.‎”