Yom Chamishi, 13 AdarI 5781
Ta anith Esther Thursday, 25 February 2021
Grant awarded for day of Celebration travel subsidies

Thanks to a generous grant from the NLPS Trust, we are delighted to be able to offer travel subsidies to anyone wishing to attend the Day of Celebration from outside the M25.

Communities will be eligible to apply for reimbursement of up to 50% of the cost of hiring a coach or minibus for a group of 12 or more travelling together to and from the Day of Celebration. Additionally, should applicants prefer to·travel·by car, provided that there are at least four people sharing the car, up to 50% of the cost of petrol may be claimed.

Requests should be emailed to Yael Shotts (y.shotts@liberaljudaism.org), supplying the following information:

  • Name(s) of Congregation/Congregations travelling together
  • Approximate number of people travelling
  • Full cost of hire
  • Name of Hire firm or Council Transportation Office
  • Name of person making the application
  • Email address of person making the application
  • Contact telephone numbers of person making the application


    Congregations that are able to share transportation will be given preference.  Congregations are also urged, where feasible, to investigate Local Council transportation options in addition to commercial hire firms.

Requests for reimbursements should be submitted with copy of invoice/receipt as soon as possible after the event but no later than Monday 15th June.  Any requests received AFTER this date will not be considered.  Congregations will be notified of the level of reimbursement once all requests have been processed.