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Friday, 5 March 2021
Prime Minister writes to Liberal chairman

15th April 2015

Prime Minister David Cameron has written to Liberal Judaism chairman Lucian J Hudson after the two met at 10 Downing Street.

Lucian was part of a delegation of leaders from community group Citizens UK, who held talks Mr Cameron at in February.

They discussed a range of issues of concern from the Living Wage to resettlement of refugees. Lucian also praised the Prime Minister’s work in setting up the Holocaust Commission to identify the best ways to commemorate and educate about the events of 70 years ago.

In an exchange of letters after the meeting, Mr Cameron wrote: “I am pleased that, as a result of the Commission’s work, Britain will have a National Memorial, a world class learning centre and an endowment fund to secure Holocaust education forever.”

The leadership of Liberal Judaism have been meeting with key figures in all the major British political parties in order to advance the movement's goals and projects.

One major success has been this week's manifesto commitment from the Labour Party to ban the indefinite detention of asylum and immigration applicants.

Lucian's Downing Street meeting has been covered in depth on the website of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC).

Read more here -> http://www.thejlc.org/2015/04/chair-of-liberal-judaism-lucian-hudson-holds-talks-with-prime-minister-david-cameron/