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Rabbis visit to a detention centre for asylum seekers

15th April 2015

Rabbis Danny Rich and Alexandra Wright were part of a rabbinic team deeply moved by a visit to a detention centre for asylum seekers over Pesach.

The visit to the Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre in Middlesex was jointly organised by Tzelem, the rabbinical call for social justice, and Jewish human rights charity Rene Cassin.

Alexandra, senior rabbi at The Liberal Jewish Synagogue, spoke to The Jewish Chronicle afterwards to cite the case of a detainee who was due to be deported in weeks, but would be in danger if he returned to his home country.

She said: “After decades of civil war and human rights violations, there is a warrant for his arrest dating back to an anti-government protest in which he was involved.

“From the thick pile of papers in front of us, he pulled out his medical report; a body diagram showed injuries to both his knees where he had probably been beaten up or tortured.

“The promise of this young man’s life is darkened by unjust imprisonment and a daily diet of uncertainty about his future”.

Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre holds 615 male detainees in conditions comparable to a Category B prison.

Speaking to The Jewish News, Liberal Judaism chief executive Danny described the visit as “particularly poignant at Pesach, when we Jews celebrate freedom from oppression in Egypt.”

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