Yom Shishi, 14 AdarI 5781
Purim Friday, 26 February 2021
Special offer on Liberal Haggadah

With Passover only a month away, you can now buy six Liberal Judaism Haggadah for the price of five.

The Haggadah b'chol dor va-dor offers several options for conducting a Seder, both at home or in a communal setting. There are all the traditional elements of the service, as well as the opportunity to supplement these with additional study passages, poems, songs and readings.

For families with younger children, a shorter, child-centred version of the Seder can be found at the other end of the Haggadah, ensuring that this new book will fulfil the biblical requirement to transmit the story of Pesach from generation to generation.

You can order your copies today by going to http://liberaljudaism.org/written-word-resources/shop.html

For every five copies you order, we will add an extra copy. There's no need to add this to the basket.

If you would prefer to order by phone, please call 020 7580 1663.