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Sunday, 28 February 2021
Keynote speakers announced for Day of Celebration

25th February 2015

By Rabbi Charley Baginsky (chair of the Day of Celebration committee)

Liberal Judaism’s Day of Celebration, our movement’s key event of 2015, will be held in central London at The Liberal Jewish Synagogue on Sunday June 7.

Based around the theme of Israel, Liberal Judaism is proud to announce four keynote speakers.

The first is Rabbi Miri Gold. It is a real privilege for Liberal Judaism to play host to such a prestigious guest. Rabbi Miri Gold really represents the close relationship between the Diasporic Progressive world and the Israeli one. Her presence at the event is a wonderful model of the potential significance of this relationship. Rabbi Gold, who serves Kibbutz Gezer, is the first non-Orthodox rabbi in Israel to have her salary paid by the government after a long, and ultimately successful, legal battle.

The second Progressive rabbi to join us will be long term friend of Liberal Judaism, Rabbi Ofek Meir. As well as being the shliach (emissary) to Liberal Judaism in the 1990s, Ofek is currently the rabbi of Leo Baeck Education Centre.

Ofek was also responsible for founding and directing the work of the Lokey International Academy of Jewish Studies until 2006 and he is an inspirational teacher, rabbi and musician.

In addition we will be joined a senior Israeli VIP and Reut Michaeli, the Chief Executive of the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants in Israel.

All four guest speakers promise to ensure that the Day of Celebration will be an inspiring and creative event, which will challenge us to develop our unique Liberal Jewish relationship with Israel.

There will also be a fantastic array of sessions suitable for a mix of knowledge and interest. Some will be text based and others rooted in creative media, such as music, dance and food. Topics will include how the Israeli media portrays Europe, Israel after the elections, Israelis in LJ communities and details of projects that you can get involved in. Sessions will also be suitable for those in school years 8 and above.

No Liberal Jewish event would be complete without a full programme run by LJY-Netzer for those in years 1 to 7 – mirroring the main conference – and a professionally run crèche.

Finally, the day gives the chance to meet people from other communities and feel part of a national movement. Adult tickets are priced at £25, with children’s at £12. Family tickets are available for up two adults and up to four children at £50. You can book by visiting www.tinyurl.com/LJDOC2015