Yom Rivii, 19 AdarI 5781
Wednesday, 3 March 2021
A statement from Rabbi Danny Rich following the attacks in Copenhagen

16th February 2015

It is with both sadness and a sense of outrage that we received the news of the murderous attacks on a cultural centre and the Orthodox Jewish Community of Copenhagen.

As in the case of the recent Paris atrocity, the perpetrators of this violence sought both to close down discussions about freedom of expression and inflict a grievous wound on the local Jewish community.

Liberal Judaism is proud to employ Rabbi Sandra Kviat – the first Danish-born Progressive Rabbi – as Education Director. Rabbi Kviat has close links with her home community “Shir Hatzafon”, the Liberal Jewish Community of Copenhagen.  We are in touch with its leadership who are in turn working with the local Orthodox Community to ensure the safety of Jewish people in Copenhagen.

Our horror does not minimise our commitment to the value of free speech (even when we do not always like its results) and neither will we retreat from efforts to create good communal relations and a decent society in Europe. As we have said and will continue to say, the best response to closed minds is open doors.