Yom Shlishi, 18 AdarI 5781
Tuesday, 2 March 2021
Limmud Guide - 2014

Limmud Guide - 2014

If you are going to this year's Limmud Conference - which takes place from December 28 to January 1 - then look out for a number of Liberal Judaism leaders presenting.

Sessions will be led by Rabbis Danny Rich, Leah Jordan, Richard Jacobi, Margaret Jacobi, Harry Jacobi, Lea Muehlstein and Dr Charles Middleburgh. Other involved include LJY-Netzer movement workers Gabriel Webber, Tamara Silver and Tom Francies, Rainbow Jews' Surat Knan, Abigail Jacobi, Robin Moss, Graham Carpenter, Dean Staker and Gwendolen Burton.

Click here to download a document with a list of presenters connected with Liberal Judaism and their sessions.