Yom Chamishi, 2 Adar 5780
Thursday, 27 February 2020
NLPS history recorded by London Metropolitan Archive

2nd December 2014

Alison Turner, archivist of Liberal Judaism, is very pleased to announce that the London Metropolitan Archive (LMA) have finished cataloguing the extensive collection of material from Liberal Judaism’s second-oldest congregation, North London Progressive Synagogue.

The papers, photographs and other materials cover the whole of the congregation’s life from its beginning in 1929 to its closure in 2002 and subsequent transfer of members to almost every other Liberal congregation in England.

The collection can be seen at the LMA in the City of London, though not all material is available for general access. There are photos of rabbis and members from the days of Reverend Dr Maurice L. Perlzweig, Viscount Reading, Dr R. Brasch, David Kossoff and Millie Miller to Rabbi Bernard Hooker, Rev Herbert Richer, Judith Fox and Eva Morrison, interiors of the old Belfast Road Synagogue in 1933 and the new synagogues in Amhurst Park, trips to Israel, services and festivals.

Papers include those related to administration, youth activities, burial scheme, finance, membership, meetings, synagogue magazines and newspaper cuttings.

There are also interviews with members and historical letters for 1937-1945. Overall it is a very full collection of one of the very few congregations to celebrate a 75th anniversary – and will be useful to researchers for many years to come.

Liberal Judaism are delighted that the LMA have given it a new home for the 21st century.

Further information and the full catalogue is available online at the LMA - please visit http://search.lma.gov.uk/opac_lma/index.htm and search for LMA/4659 under reference code.