Yom Sheini, 17 AdarI 5781
Monday, 1 March 2021
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LJY Netzer run a huge range of exciting events throughout the year, including Machaneh Kadimah, our flagship two week summer camp, Machaneh Aviv, our six day spring camp, and our summer tour to Israel and Eastern Europe. Information on all events, as well as our gap year program in Israel, can be found on our website.

Below is a list of some of our events. Look out for more information coming soon!

Summer Events:

Machaneh Kadimah - Summer Camp

Israel Tour

Kayitz Netzer - Europe Tour

Bogrim Tour

SOS - Summer Options Scheme

Autumn Events:

High Holy Days Service

POW - Plagim October Weekend

NOW - Nechalim October Weekend

Yamim Social


Hadracha Seminar

Winter Events:


PAW - Plagim Activities Weekend

NAW - Nechalim Activities Weekend

Yamim Trip

Spring Events:

Machaneh Aviv - Spring Camp

The LJY-Netzer at the LJ Biennial Weekend

Significant Others:

Mazkirut - Bogrim Social

Yom Chinuch

Yom Hadracha