Yom Shishi, 21 AdarI 5781
Friday, 5 March 2021
LJY Netzer & Youth


LJY-Netzer is the youth movement of Liberal Judaism. We run a host of events around the country throughout the year for young people between 8 and 23 years old. Our events mix fun, games, community, social action and informal education. We are a snif (branch) of Netzer Olami, the worldwide Progressive Zionist youth organisation. This gives us a link to thousands of other progressive Jewish young people in over a dozen countries around the world.

Our events range from day events, youth clubs, overnight events and longer camps. The events are often age specific or have age divisions on the larger events, including a spring camp (Machaneh Aviv) and our amazing summer camp (Machaneh Kadimah).

The movement is run by a team of professionals, called Movement Workers, based at the Montagu Centre in Central London and a huge team of volunteers who help us run nationwide events. The Movement Workers have all worked extensively with young people and led multiple LJY-Netzer events of all types. Collectively, they have decades of experience and help to support the tsevet (staff). All our volunteers are CRB-checked and trained before the events begin.

LJY-Netzer is an ideological youth movement. This means we have a set of values that guide everything that we do. There are four main pillars of our ideology: Liberal Judaism, Progressive Zionism, Tikkun Olam (Social Action) and Youth Empowerment. Our ideology shapes how we run our movement and events, ensuring that all aspects of the ideology are covered on each event. For more information about our ideology, please look at our ideology page.

Our interactive and user friendly website is full of information regarding who we are and what we offer. From our website it is possible to sign up to events, catch up on all the latest news and download a whole host of free and useful resources. To visit our website please click the logo LJY-Netzer