Yom Shishi, 21 AdarI 5781
Friday, 5 March 2021
Q&A with Lucian Hudson PDF Print E-mail

1.What motivates you to be involved in communal life?

A desire to give back what the Jewish community has given me as a convert – a new way of looking at things, a deeper understanding of tradition and how to keep it alive, and a sense of common destiny for a better world to come. With my background in journalism, government, consultancy and now in higher education, I hope that I can use my skills to make a difference.

2.What is the most exciting project that you are currently involved in?

Working with the Chief Executive of·Liberal Judaism, Rabbi Danny Rich, to devise a three year strategy to coincide with our movement’s biennial this year. Judaism has never stood still. Liberal Judaism is cutting edge, so our task is to work out what exactly this means over the next three years, in ways which take all our 30 plus communities with us, and build on our success in growing membership and appealing to people from different backgrounds and age groups.Read more