Yom Shlishi, 18 AdarI 5781
Tuesday, 2 March 2021
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Liberal Judaism offers a third way (September/October)
In the upcoming issue of lj today, you will find a summary of the annual report presented to this year’s Liberal Judaism AGM detailing the achievements of, and challenges facing, our movement. It shows much good news. Membership numbers are up, engagement is growing and finances are robust. But the impact of Liberal Judaism is about more than just numbers. It is about principles, tested in good times and bad. Our ethical voice on big issues of the day – whether it is the Israel-Gaza conflict or assisted dying – can only help sustain our future as a religious movement.
We also need to respond appropriately to long-term demographics. This is partly why I put such emphasis on engagement with the Liberal Judaism Strategic Plan. Choices now determine future outcomes.  Read more


Award winners influence by example (July/August)
I INAUGURATED the Chairman’s Awards at the Liberal Judaism Biennial Weekend in 2010, because I wanted to honour the dedication of those outstanding individuals in our communities who make our movement so vibrant. Continuing the tradition at this year’s Biennial, every Liberal congregation was asked to enter a nomination with a panel of judges – led by Rosita Rosenberg and including Rabbi Pete Tobias and Sam Grant – then making a final recommendation, which Rabbi Danny Rich and I wholeheartedly approved. Read more

The shooting of Stern and the birth of Israel (Mar/Apr 2014)
BECAUSE OF my experience at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, as well as my engagement with Israel as the chairman of Liberal Judaism, I was invited to interview Patrick Bishop at April’s Oxford Literary Festival.
Patrick is a critically acclaimed military historian and author, who was also the Middle East correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. He is best known for his fast-paced books Fighter Boys, 3 Para and Target Tirpitz, which depict danger and bravery. As well as his eye for detail and rigorous research, what I most enjoy about Patrick’s books is how he conveys motivation and emotion with restraint and even-handedness.  Read more


Review of Welcome to the Cavalcade (Jan/Feb 2014)
I HAVE a very simple view of happiness, born out of my conversion to Judaism, and it is this: being able to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to consider that meaningful. Read more


Renewing our radical tradition (Nov/Dec 2013)
RABBI DR DAVID J GOLDBERG’S sermon delivered at The Liberal Jewish Synagogue on Kol Nidre reminded us that Yom Kippur is about honesty. True to his word, David was then brutally honest as he considered the question of Liberal Judaism’s role in the Jewish future. I took David’s main challenge to be that Liberal Judaism needs to rediscover its radicalism and differentiate itself more clearly. Otherwise it risks irrelevance and decline. As he told a packed LJS sanctuary: "We can rattle off where Liberal Judaism is now similar to the rest of Anglo-Jewry; but it is far harder to pinpoint where we are different and why, therefore, we should remain as an indispensable separate organisation rather than merge into one big Progressive movement." Read more


A radical mainstream Judaism (Sept/Oct 2013)
AS LIBERAL JUDAISM develops its Strategic Plan, it will be articulating just why and how its voice is original and authentic. As chairman, I want to make the case that we represent ‘radical mainstream Judaism’. Liberal Judaism should not just be one legitimate expression of Judaism but its best, because it is both deeply anchored in tradition and gives that tradition a cutting edge, contemporary force. Read more


Why solidarity matters (July/August 2013)
LIBERAL JUDAISM is Zionist, in favour of a negotiated two-state solution and in opposition to all boycotts. Our members hold a range of views on Israel. Some still do not countenance any criticism, but most make a distinction between support for Israel’s ideals and, when appropriate, questioning of its policies. Read more


Pope Francis: The Tikkun Olam Pope? (May/June 2013)
THE ELECTION of Pope Francis has been warmly received by Jewish communities. Regardless of its particular traditions and allegiances, humanity stands to gain from effective spiritual leaders who have a positive vision of the future and can make the world a better place – especially when they can set a personal example. Read more

Building On the Strategy Day (March/April 2013)
The collective leadership of Liberal Judaism started 2013 with a Strategy Day, an important start in bringing together members of the Board of National Officers, representatives of Rabbinic Conference and local communities and some of our vice presidents. This is the model of collaborative leadership that best fits the character of our movement – independent-minded yet co-operating on shared values and objectives.  Read more


Starting the New Year with a bang (November/December 2012)
Following a unanimous vote at the Liberal Judaism council meeting on Tuesday October 2, our movement will soon be registering as a company limited by guarantee. In this article, Liberal Judaism chairman Lucian J. Hudson explains the importance of this move.  Read more


The future of Liberal Judaism (September/October 2012)
WHEN I was at school, we had an inspiring teacher whose handwriting was distinctive yet sometimes unreadable. When he wrote on the blackboard, the letter “d” would look like an “s”. He introduced our class to the concept of “paradox”, but to this day I can only remember how we reacted in mirth at the sight of “paraSox”. For me, paradox has always meant “pair of socks”  Read more

Celebrating Leadership (July/August 2012)
Depending on your perspective, leadership has come a long way since the days of the Torah, or not changed very much at all. As a die-hard believer in progress, I am an optimist about leadership. Read more


Think big, go deep – and lead the way (May/June 2012)
Liberal Judaism Biennial Weekends are about having a great time and coming away inspired by a sense of vision and common purpose. Is expecting one weekend to produce a vision too ambitious? I think not. Read more


A Model for building a better world (March/April 2012)
On why Liberal Judaism has adopted a policy of Considered Engagement  Read more

Snatching a glimpse of ankle (January/February 2012)
On what we can learn from the Book of Judges about leadership and vulnerability  Read more

Leadership and strategic alliances (November/December 2011)
Lucian J Hudson offers a vision for the future of Liberal Judaism and the alliances we should form. Read more


Chairman's Actions (September/October 2011)
Lucian J Hudson shares the story of his conversion to Judaism. Read more


Arab Spring and a test of leadership (May/June 2011)
Lucian J Hudson on an inspiring talk by Shimon Peres about developments in the Middle East. Read more

Israel's Arabs are a missed opportunity (March 2011)
First UK Task Force study trip to Israel. Read more

Culture helps us to grow and connect (January/February 2011)
Liberal Jews can change the world through creativity and courage.
Read more

In giving, we connect with others (November/December 2010)
Giving is central to the Jewish ethic, but just why and how might it be important for Liberal Judaism as we begin to plan for our 2012 Biennial? Read more


Learning to ensure we all flourish (September/October 2010)
Liberal Judaism enters the year 5771 with confidence, compassion and a spirit of collaborative enterprise.
Read more


Intellectual powerhouse on our doorstep (July/August 2010)
The opportunities provided by Europe's foremost Progressive rabbinic training college
Read more


Strengthening links, pressing for fairness (May/June 2010)
Rabbi Danny Rich and Lucian J Hudson recently returned from a week-long tour of Progressive institutions in Israel.
Read more


Beyond JFS: An opportunity to get involved (May/June 2010)
JCoSS, the Jewish Community Secondary School, presents an exceptionally exciting and important opportunity for Liberal Jews, especially parents and pupils in London who live near enough to East Barnet to get more involved with the school.
Read more


We're asking you, our members, to drive our vision of Judaism forward (March/April 2010)
A programme to formulate a strategy for the movement.
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