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Articles and media appearances by Rabbi Pete Tobias can be found on this page. To see further coverage of Liberal Judaism and Liberal Jews in the news, please visit the News section


Rabbi appears via video-link
The Jewish Chronicle, 14th October 2010

A little matter like the 5,000 miles temporarily separating Rabbi Pete Tobias from his religion school pupils at The Liberal Synagogue Elstree wasn't going to stop him taking the weekly service. Despite his absence from Hertfordshire on a visit to his son in Los Angeles, it was thanks to the power of the internet, and a devotion to duty which saw him rise at 4.15 am, California time, that the minister was able to lead the 15-minute service which concludes the Sunday morning sessions. Read more


Writer Pens Etrog Mystery for Sukkot
The Jewish Chronicle, 21st September 2010

Prolific author and broadcaster Rabbi Pete Tobias has made a first foray into the realm of children's books with the publication of The Secret of the £5 Etrog, in time for Succot.  The paperback, illustrated by cartoonist Paul Solomons, is aimed at six-to-10-year-olds. The story is of a boy who wants an etrog and then starts wondering why the adults who buy them always inspect them so carefully and what they are looking for when they do so. The author claims the answer "will change the way people think about how - and by whom - religious festivals are meant to be celebrated".  Read more


For Petes Sake

Judaism has always placed great significance on names – and, in many cases, changes to  names.  Many biblical characters have had their names changed, either by divine instruction, as in the case of Abraham and Sarah, or voluntarily – as did Naomi in the book of Ruth.  In Genesis chapter 17, our first patriarch’s gains an extra letter (a hei) in his name when it is changed from Abram (‘exalted father’) to Abraham (‘father of many’) while Sarah also gets the same letter appended to her name, though she must exchange it for a yud. (Abraham also has to trade something for his extra letter, but that’s another story – see Genesis 17:10).  Naomi’s name change to Marah (which means bitter) is her own choice to reflect her sufferings (though this is more of a nickname as she is still Naomi in subsequent chapters of the book of Ruth).  Read more


Waiting Nervously for Waves from Gaza
The Guardian, 2nd June 2010

The Israel assualt on the Gaza flotilla will make waves that extend far beyond the Mediterranean coastline where the bloody events took place. And those waves will reach me, my community and then all of us.   Read more