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Articles and media appearances by Lucian J. Hudson can be found on this page.  To see further coverage of Liberal Judaism and Liberal Jews in the news, please visit the News section.

Our chairman, Lucian Hudson, regularly writes on a wide variety of topics. Within many of his posts, Lucian explores many aspects of Judaism and Liberal Judaism. View his blog here.

Lucian's archived blog posts for Liberal Judaism can be read here.

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Don't react to attacks on freedom by restricting it

Reflecting on events in France 200-plus years ago, philosopher and politician Edmund Burke was quoted saying: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Recent events, again in France, bring Burke to mind. Violence and terrorism are not acceptable in the 21st century.  Read more


Putting the picture together 

Leadership in a crisis requires not just skill in responding appropriately in the moment but a coherence and consistency of purpose over time. Whitehall and Westminster's response has lacked strategy, limiting UK's influence short and long term, and unleashing an anti-Israel sentiment at home that can be increasingly used to foster antisemitism.

On the Israel-Gaza conflict, the coalition government was split, the cross-party consensus broke down, and most of the media, including the BBC, run away with a superficial view of the conflict, when government and MPs could have used their expertise and experience to ensure a much deeper understanding of the issues.  Read more


Desert Island Text: Numbers 20 and Deuteronomy 3

My favourite story is about God telling Moses he is never to reach the Promised Land. It can be found in Numbers 20 and Deuteronomy 3. According to the former, Moses is being punished for his individual sin of striking the rock with his rod when instead he should have spoken to it, trusting the power of the word spoken in the name of God.

According to the latter, Moses is punished because, as his people’s leader, he suffers their fate, following the faithless majority in not entering Canaan. It is not obvious what the exact reasons are for God’s decision. This is gripping drama, true to the human condition. Whatever we do, we can do only so much, and we reap what we sow. Read more


Liberal Judaism Chairman comments on counter-terrorism strategy
The JC, June 12 2014

Some family rows are worth having. After a stormy fortnight in Westminister, we should reflect that Michael Gove and Theresa May may in fact have done the British public a favour by surfacing a genuine tension in our approach to combating radicalisation and preventing terrorism.

The Jewish community in the UK can only benefit from a wake-up call and renewed debate on counter-terrorism strategy. Government, at the centre and locally, can only do so much. Citizens and communities need to be continuously vigilant. As the government's own Prevent Strategy states: "Osama bin Laden may be dead, but the threat of Al Qa'eda inspired terrorism is not."  Read more


Offering a third way for Judaism
The JC, May 16 2014

The growth of the Charedi and secular sections of our community identified by the recent JPR community survey has been much remarked upon. Much less noted has been growth by almost a third of those identifying as progressive.

These figures hide a huge "churn". Nevertheless, they demonstrate the ability of Liberal Judaism - in the words of a once famous beer advertisement - to reach the Jews other denominations cannot reach. Read more


Mick Davis: Bibi hinders peace efforts and diaspora's attempts to defend Israel
The JC, November 28th 2013

The chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, Mick Davis, this week triggered fresh controversy over Israel by claiming it was doing too little to convey a commitment to peace.

In an online article for the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz on Sunday, Mr Davis criticised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said that diaspora efforts to fight delegitimisation of Israel were being hampered by the actions of his government.

One JLC member who was prepared openly to support Mr Davis was the chairman of Liberal Judaism, Lucian Hudson. “Mick Davis is utterly right to renew the call for the closest engagement between Israel and its diaspora,” he said. “Israel has real support, and needs to take heed that the battle for international opinion needs also to be won.” Read more


Renewal of call for board/JLC merger after chief executive steps down
The JC, October 10 2013

The president of Liberal Judaism has called on the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council to renew efforts to unite into a single body.

Lucian Hudson said that last week’s decision by JLC chief executive Jeremy Newmark to step down for health reasons created a new opportunity.  Read more


This year in Jerusalem?
LJ Today, May/June 2013

Lucian reports on the 2013 WUPJ conference in Jerusalem.  Read more

Review of THIS IS NOT THE WAY: JEWS, JUDAISM AND ISRAEL by Rabbi Dr David J Goldberg

26th April 2012

You can read Lucian J. Hudson's review of Rabbi David Goldberg's latest book by clicking here.


Q&A with Lucian Hudson
2 April 2012

A recent Q&A with Lucian Hudson on the Jewish Leadership Council website.  Read more


A Lesson in generosity of spirit
6 March 2012

Liberal Judaism chair Lucian Hudson reviews Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah's new book 'Trouble-Making Judaism'. Read more


Chairman's Actions: A model for building a better world
5 March 2012

Lucian J Hudson on why Liberal Judaism has adopted a policy of Considered Engagement. Read more


Liberal leader advocates 'Federation' with Reform
10th November 2011

Liberal Judaism chair Lucian Hudson has called for a closer alliance with the Reform movement, suggesting they combine forces in a joint federation.

Writing in the latest issue of the Liberal newsletter, LJ Today, Mr Hudson said he wanted to go beyond the old question of "merger" - the subject of failed talks between the movements.  Read more


Leadership and strategic alliances
31st October 2011

One cannot go through the High Holy Days period without reflecting on leadership. For me, there are four different types of leaders. The first are those who lead from the front, such as Eve, often Moses, Lenin, Churchill and Mrs Thatcher. Read more

Chairman’s Actions: Lucian J Hudson shares the story of his conversion to Judaism
19th September 2011 

Recently I was interviewed by the South Bucks Jewish Community Newsletter on the reasons why I decided to convert to Judaism. It was suggested that I share this with a wider audience. I hope that after reading it, others will write to me about their own experience or acquaintance of conversion. Read more


Zionism: a Jewish Communal Response from the UK
Published December 2010

Lucian J.Hudson was the editor of a recent cross-communal booklet which examined Judaism and Zionism.  It can be read at:



Don't Let Dogma Divide Us
The Guardian, 13th October 2010

The faultline is deepening between those who see themselves as having a faith and those who do not. And it is deepening in part because of a mistaken perception one side has of the other: that only one world view can prevail. We must challenge the assumption that one side has to be wrong for the other side to be right.     Read more


Answers to Israel's problems lie far beyond the headlines
The Jewish News, 19th August 2010 (p12)

I have form with the new British foreign secretary. I have not been involved in active party politics since I was a local council candidate for the SDP back in 1982. And four years earlier I took part in a television debate as Labour's answer to William Hague, who had acheived overnight stardom as a teenager at his party's conference.  Read more


Death need not disorient us
The Guardian, 6th March 2010

Around 70% of people say they want to die at home, yet around  60% currently die in hospital.  Why is there such a discrepancy between hope and reality? The speed of life in the 21st century creates a momentum that makes us oblivious to death and dying. Now more than ever, death has the power to disorient us. The time has come to "out" death and dying, and this is why the organisation of which I am chair, Liberal Judaism, has joined the Dying Matters coalition.
Read more