Yom Shlishi, 18 AdarI 5781
Tuesday, 2 March 2021
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Liberal Judaism chair Simon Benscher has been a passionate advocate for the movement since the age of nine-years-old, when he started attending Woodford Liberal Synagogue.

Simon was barmitzvah, confirmed and married at Woodford, where he has proudly served the community on various committees, culminating in two terms as chair and a lifelong position as vice president.

Simon has long been part of Liberal Judaism’s Board of National Officers, previously serving as both vice chair and deputy chair. His passion is building connections with Liberal Judaism’s communities and members and he is a regular visitor to our congregations and synagogues across the UK and Ireland.

On Simon’s appointment, departing chair Lucian J Hudson commented: “Simon will take Liberal Judaism to new heights, with his deep experience and understanding of our movement, his generosity of spirit and extraordinary dedication.”

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